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Enjoy a healthier, greener lawn with LandSharx mowing, core aeration, irrigation, fertilization, weed control, lawn power rake, and much more.

Bed Maintenance, Landscaping and Lawn Care by LandSharkx

Landsharx Lawn Crews can take care of your Lawn Bed Maintenance making sure your yard is kept well around alll season long…

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

LandSharx Lawn Care Crews are razor sharp and trained on techniques to keep your lawn cut fresh and looking at its best all season long…

Vegetation Control and Weed Control by LandSharx

Our Crews rule the jungle of your yard knowing what, where and exactly to use chemicals for the best results.

Lawn Power Rake and Lawn Care by LandSharx

Will remove dead grass and excess thatch that built up on your lawn over winter. Encourages healthy growth for your lawn…

Lawn Aeration and Lawn Care by LandSharx

It is important to aerate your lawn to keep it healthy and encourage healthy growth and the access to moisture and nutrients all season long…

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

Mature trees and shrubs need regular pruning to maintain their appearance as well as their health for years to come.

Lawn Fertilization and lawn Fertilizer Services by LandShar Lawn Care

Feed your lawn everything it needs to continue a healthy, vigorous growth and ample root development all season long…

tree cutting comp

LandSharx quickly gets to the root of your problem by removing unwanted trees, and grinding stumps….

Protect your treasured property with one-time or scheduled maintenance services like driveway cleaning and sealing, pressure washing and even handling your Christmas lights.

Landscaping and Landscaping Construction by LandSharx.

Landsharx Yard Maintenance can undertake any landscaping project and deliver stunning results on time and on budget…

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

Our high pressure washing equipment chews away, dirt, grime, rot, old paint and any other material that should not be there…

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

Our Power Washing will make your whole exterior sparkle, diving deep into a clean you can

parking Lot Line Painting by LandSharx Commercial Property Maintenance Services

Parking lot lines and other associated asphalt markings do get worn out and need to be repainted on regular intervals.

Christmas Lights Installation and Christmas Lights Removal by LandSharx Property Maintenance

You relax while we climb up thee and get ready for good old jolly Santa Jaws. Christmas Lights Installation and removal…

Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

Our Lot Sweepers patrol your parking lot, clearing the dust and debris to leave it spotless.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning by LandSharx Property Maintenance

LandSharx Crews will clean your eavestroughs of any debris and obstruction ensuring clearer flow. We bag the waste and flush entire system…

Litter Removal and Site Cleanup by LandSharx Commercial Maintenance Services

LandSharx will feast on all trash in our path, removing junk and debris from your property. Do not take trash take over your business…

Reduce your liability in the snowy months by letting LandSharx handle the snow shovelling while you stay warm inside.

Sidewalk Snow Removal by LandSharx Lawn and Snow

Ensure timely sidewalk clearance with LandSharx! Our expert teams not only keep your sidewalks snow-free but also spot potential hazards to prevent slips and costly liabilities. Trust us to maintain safe pathways for everyone. 

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

LandSharx fearlessly tackles snowstorms! We dive into those snow dumps, clearing paths and applying snow and gravel where needed. With us, you’ll never lose traction or get snowed in. Trust LandSharx to keep your surroundings safe and accessible.

Commercial Snow Plowing and Snow Removal by LandSharx

Protect yourself from costly liabilities due to slip and fall injuries by entrusting LandSharx with the management of icy and slippery areas on your property, including sidewalks and stairs. Our expertise ensures safe and hazard-free pathways, giving you peace of mind during winter. 

snow haul04

LandSharx ensures your property stays safe and clear during snowy days. Our efficient crews expertly haul snow away, transforming snow piles from a nightmare into moments of joy. Whether it’s your residential driveway or a commercial lot, trust us to keep your surroundings snow-free and worry-free.

Sand and Gravel Winter Services by LandSharx Snow Removal and Ice Management

LandSharx’s winter maintenance services can help protect your property from slip and fall incidents. Our team manages icy areas like sidewalks and stairs, reducing injury risks and potential liabilities. Choose LandSharx for a safer, accident-free property this winter.

Our Happy Customers

LandSharx never sleeps, with landscaping and lawn care packages for your needs year-round.  

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