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Eavestrough Cleaning

Let us do the dirty work. Our Eavestrough Cleaning starts at $149.99. We provide a 6 month clog free guarantee.

Spring Services

Spring is an important season for your lawn and yard. Your lawn is just awakening from the long winter hibernation and how you prepare it for the upcoming summer growth season it will depend how your lawn will look in the summer. Items such as power raking, deep core aeration, spring cut and trim and early fertilizer treatment will all prepare your lawn for a healthy summer season.

By increasing the nutrient flow to the root, removing the old and dead vegetation, potential pests and disease that may have developed under the cover of snow as well as providing a nourishment and food your lawn needs to awake from the long winter hibernation, you will enjoy a lusher, healthier and greener lawn all summer long.

Spring Yard Cleanup Service
Summer Yard Landscape Services

Summer Services

Your lawn is at its peak growing stage and as such needs to be maintained. Lawn cuts, edging, fertilizer and weed control are all needed on regular basis to ensure your lawn stays in the top shape. In addition, there are other areas of your yard that need care and attention as well.

Flower beds, hedges and trees all need regular care and attention too (removing old flower growth after they had bloomed, raking and cleaning old leaves, pruning and shaping hedges, fertilizing your flowers and hedges etc.). You may also want to spruce up your landscaping by repairing, replacing or adding new features such as rock and mulch areas, adding new features such as decorative ponds etc.

Fall Services

The summer is over and your lawn and yard are starting to prepare for the upcoming winter hibernation. Your trees foliage is starting to brown and fall off, your perennials have bloomed and are starting to wither and there are other changes taking place in your yard too that are a tell tale sign that the season is changing and your yard’s eco system is adjusting itself in preparation for winter.

It may not be obvious but you may consider fertilizing your lawn late in the fall. Nutrients that you introduce to your lawn, beds and hedges will stay in the ground over the winter and be ready and accessible in the spring as your lawn is waking up again for the next season

Yard Fall Cleanup
Winter Snow Shovelling

Winter Services

We live in the climate where winter is harsh and winter season is long and unpredictable. Abundant snow falls and snow storms are matter of a fact and when the snow falls you want to make sure your driveways, walkways and other pathways are clear of snow.

Ice is another mitigating factor that needs to be taken care in winter time. Each year there are many injuries reported from slipping and falling on icy surfaces and sometimes it is hard if not impossible to notice where the ice has accumulated (the ice may be covered by the snow and not visible).

Removing the snow of your property is also of concern for many commercial and residential property owners and managers.

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