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In addition to weed control, you may want certain areas of your yard to be totally vegetation free. Rock beds, mulch areas, concrete and asphalt driveway and walkway areas, etc. can be chemically treated(RoundUp) to totally eliminate all vegetation. We know just what, when and how much to apply for optimum outcomes for your vegetation project.

  • We've developed the best weed control and vegetation management program.
  • When you order the fertilizer services for your lawn, we automatically include weed control application at no charge to keep your lawn to looking at its best all season.
  • We can also chemically treat (RoundUp application) any area where you want to totally eliminate all vegetation.
  • Our crews are trained and experienced to know exactly what, where and when to use when it comes to chemicals, so you get results you want.  

* Application of up to 2,000 Sq. Ft.

Vegetation control using insecticide

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