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Stumps aren’t just unattractive. They can be tripping hazards and negatively affect the plants living around them. Stump grinding is a technique that requires a special piece of equipment to chip away the stump to below the surface of your lawn, so we can fill it in.

  • We can take care of any tree roots that may be encroaching on your house.
  • We’ll get rid of any healthy trees that are at risk of falling and any diseased trees that could spread.
  • Due to the ease of spreading Dutch Elm disease, elm trees that have been taken down cannot be stored or used as firewood. We'll remove all elm wood from your property and dispose of it properly
  • We cannot take down any trees on your boulevard, as it is public property. Please contact the City of Edmonton for complaints and concerns regarding public area trees
An arborist using a chainsaw to remove a tree stump from the property

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