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Our catch of the day package includes both Spring and Fall cleanup services to keep your property looking incredible! Package runs through April 15 - October 15 (6 month term)

Spring Cleanup

We keep your lawn healthy and properly maintained throughout the Spring season. Not only will you have a fantastic lawn to enjoy this Summer, but you'll be able to relax while we handle the yard work for you.

Weekly Lawn Care

While there may not be a lot of growth early in the spring, the early spring lawn cut will remove the dead growth and any debris left in your lawn during the wintertime.  Removing the dead top layer and debris off your lawn encourages healthier growth and removes any pest and disease that may have laid dormant during winter.

Fall Cleanup

Maintaining your lawn during the Fall is vital for healthy lawns, as the winter can be cruel to your property. Our Sharx will handle all the tough work for you, so  you rest easy knowing that your lawn is covered for every wave that winter throws at it.


Applying fertilizer to your lawn early in the season is important and will pay benefits later on, when your lawn enters the active growth stage. At the completion of the yard cleanup we’ll apply the commercial slow release fertilizer to your lawn to get it ready for the growing season. The monthly re-application of fertilizer and weed control is recommended after the first application to encourage continuous growth and the health of your lawn.

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