Fertilizer and Weed Control

We all have experienced it in one way or another. The summer sea of yellow, dandelions taking over our yards and green areas. While they are most prominent and most nuisance, there are many more weeds in our yard than just dandelions.

Suppressing and controlling the growth of weeds in our yards can be challenging. The dandelion root is deep and wide spread and leaving even a small piece of it will cause the plant to re-grow. Therefore the chemical weed control may be the only option. However knowing what, when and how much to apply can in many cases make a big difference to either winning the war on weeds or being ineffective or possibly damaging and burning your lawn.

In addition to weed control, you may want certain areas of your yard to be totally vegetation free. Rock beds, mulch areas, concrete and asphalt driveway and walkway areas etc. can be chemically treated (RoundUp) to totally eliminate all vegetation. However, once again, knowing what, when and how much to apply will make a difference to the outcome of your vegetation project.

LandSharx Yard Maintenance & Snow Management has developed an effective weed control and vegetation management program. When you order the fertilizer services for your lawn, we automatically include weed control application at no charge as we want your lawn to look the best all season long. Additionally, we can also chemically treat (RoundUp application) any area where you want to totally eliminate all vegetation. Our crews are trained and experienced to know exactly what, where and when to use when it comes to chemicals so you will get results you want.

We invite you to further contact us if you have any questions regarding your weed or vegetation control project or to order services for your property.

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