Tree Care

LandSharx Yard Maintenance & Snow Management knows their trees and what distinguishes one tree species from another. Certain tree species are good for certain yards and not good for other yards (height, width, shade, maintenance need, tolerance of other trees and shrubs in vicinity etc. Knowing how to maintain each tree or shrub is sometimes an art of science and prior arbory experience comes handy.

Furthermore, just as your lawn needs nutrients and care so do your trees and shrubs. When you fertilize your lawn in spring, it is recommended including the specific fertilizer treatment for your trees and shrubs. Properly pruned fruit trees will produce more and larger fruit as well as be more resistant to pest and disease attacks. Last but not the least, your hedges need maintenance and trimming year round (lilac for example is a prolific grower and you will have new shoots and suckers sprout through the season choking the undergrowth area around it).

From hedge trimming to fruit tree pruning to large tree pruning, tree removal, damage remediation, stump grinding and more, trust your LandSharx Yard Maintenance & Snow Management professionals to get the job done. In addition, where you are planning for the addition of new tree or shrub feature (new yard construction, yard up-do etc.) you can rely on us to do the job right. We invite you to contact us with all your tree care needs and questions.

Tree Care and Removal