Spring Cleanup - Individual Services

In addition to several spring cleanup packages that are available and provide a best value, we also offer full range of individual services if you just need an individual service for your yard or lawn.

Power Rake.

LandSharx Lawn Care crews will power rake your front and back lawn area removing the debris and dead thatch and therefore allowing better root access to nutrients and moisture through the growing season.

Core Aeration.

In addition to power rake, the core aeration will further increase the access and availability of oxygen, moisture, fertilizer and other nutrients deeper and closer to the lawn root where those will do best results. By combining the power rake treatment with the core aeration, you will improve growth, density and health of your lawn through the growing season.

Lawn Cut and Trim

While there may not be a lot of growth early in the spring, the early spring lawn cut will remove the dead growth and any debris left in your lawn during the winter time. By removing the dead top layer and debris off your lawn you will encourage healthier growth as well as remove any pest and disease that may have laid dormant during the winter time.


Applying fertilizer to your lawn early in the season is important and will pay benefits later on in the season when your lawn enters the active growth stage. At the completion of the yard cleanup we will apply the commercial slow release fertilizer to your lawn to get it ready for the growing season. The monthly re-application of fertilizer and weed control is encouraged after the first application to encourage continuous growth and health of your lawn.

Weed Control

Our fertilizer package includes a complimentary weed control application already so you do not have to worry about weeds taking over your property. As the lawn health plays important role to how much weed will grow and propagate on your property we recommend applying fertilizer and weed control as one single product and do not offer weed control application only.

Hourly Services

We all have those odd jobs that do not fit into any given category or there may be a situation where a single service we offer does not quite fit the bill. When this happens, LandSharx Lawn Maintenance and Snow Management got you covered. In addition to package deals and per job fixed charges, we also offer the hourly services for those odd jobs. Our crews are well trained and come with all equipment and supplies needed so you can expect any job to be handled efficiently and expediently.

Spring Cleanup Packages
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