Sidewalk Snow Removal

City bylaws regulate that the sidewalk area must be cleaned no later than 48 hours after the snow fall. Failure to have sidewalk area cleaned within the prescribed time can result in fines being issued by the city.

In addition, if a passer-by is to slip and fall on your property (including adjacent sidewalks to your property which are your responsibility to clear), you are liable not only for potential injuries but also for any other related expenses such as pain and suffering, loss of income, home care etc. Those liabilities can amount to the significant monetary settlement in case of injury.

LandSharx Snow Management crews can provide efficient and timely  sidewalk snow removal services for residential and commercial properties of any size. We can ensure your sidewalks are clear of snow within the time prescribed by local bylaws as well as reduce the potential liability you may be facing in the case of slip and fall or other injury related to uncleared sidewalk areas.

Additionally, while some of our competitors clear snow and ice to the packed down surface level leaving a layer of snow and ice that is packed to the ground, our crews remove snow and ice right down to the pavement or concrete area leaving a very little or no trace of accumulation. By removing the snow and ice right down to the pavement, we leave your property safer (no uneven surfaces or hidden ice to slip or trip onto) as well as more professionally looking.

In addition to removing the snow and ice accumulation properly, our crews are well trained to spot and assess areas of concern where slip and fall could occur. When we spot and identify those areas, our crews will apply the gravel or ice melt to ensure that there is no hidden ice and there is enough traction to prevent a potential slip and fall situation.

For more information and to book your sidewalk snow removal services, please contact your LandSharx Snow Management Services office.

Sidewalk Snow Removal
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