Residential Snow Removal

Alberta winters are long and harsh. In addition to extended duration of winter (lasting anywhere from mid October to sometimes late March or even early April), we also regularly receive an extended snow coverage. However, the amount of snow we receive is not spread evenly through the snow season and very often we experience large amounts of snow fall at a rapid pace (winter storms).

Snow coverage presents not only the accessibility concern for your property but can also be a liability to the property owner. City bylaws mandate that sidewalks must be clear of snow and ice.In addition to being fined by the city if anyone was to injure themselves from slipping and falling on your property and sidewalks, you may be liable for their injuries, loss of income, care as well as pain and suffering.

LandSharx Snow Management crews provide a full range of snow removal and ice management for your property. From shovelling your sidewalk and driveway at the first onset of the snow fall to sanding and ice management (ice melt etc.) we can deliver an effective strategy to keep your property safe and snow free.

We invite you to contact us further for all your snow and ice removal and management.

Residential Snow Removal
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