Emergency Snow Removal

Alberta winters are long and harsh. In addition to extended duration of winter (lasting anywhere from mid October to sometimes late March or even early April), we also regularly receive an extended snow coverage. However, the amount of snow we receive is not spread evenly through the snow season and very often we receive a large amount of snow fall within short period of time.

When the storm happens and the snow accumulates preventing an access to your property, you will need a quick solution to remove the snow and clear access to your property.

LandSharx Snow Maintenance offers full emergency snow  plowing and snow removal service. We can clear the snow accumulation, apply sand or gravel service to sidewalks, parking spaces and other common areas as well as remove and haul the snow from your property to the off-site location. By keeping your property clear of snow and ice, you will receive more traffic to it as well as remove any potential liabilities and fines that you may be subject to if your property was not snow cleared efficiently and on time.

We invite you to contact us further for all your snow and ice removal and management.

Emergency Snow Removal
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