Mako Spring Cleanup Package

Our Mako Spring Cleanup package is a great value for the property owner who does not need the all inclusive service of the Great White or Hammerhead packages.

Core Aeration.

In addition to power rake, the core aeration will further increase the access and availability of oxygen, moisture, fertilizer and other nutrients deeper and closer to the lawn root where those will do best results. By combining the power rake treatment with the core aeration, you will improve growth, density and health of your lawn through the growing season.

Lawn Cut and Trim

While there may not be a lot of growth early in the spring, the early spring lawn cut will remove the dead growth and any debris left in your lawn during the winter time. By removing the dead top layer and debris off your lawn you will encourage healthier growth as well as remove any pest and disease that may have laid dormant during the winter time.

Blow Out Beds and Hedges

Flower and hedge beds too accumulate debris and dead vegetation that may have laid dormant over winter months. By blowing out beds and hedges out of dead vegetation and debris, you will improve nutrient access that your hedges and flowers receive as well as increase overal curb appeal of your yard area.

Property Cleanup

A job is not done until every detail has been taken care of. Cleaning after ourselves and removing grass clippings and other debris as well as sweeping of sidewalks and other areas where we have worked, is included in the package price. We will leave your property spotless and ready for spring and summer season.

For more information or to book your spring cleaning services please contact us at your convenience.




Spring Cleanup Packages
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