Lawn Power Rake

After the snow has melted and before your lawn has fully awakened from the winter hibernation, there is a lots of compacted debris, dead grass etc. that are acting as a layer between your lawn core (roots) preventing it from accessing nutrients and air it needs to grow healthy.

Lawn Power Raking offers solution to the above problem by removing debris and dead grass and vegetation from your lawn as well as thinning and softening the remaining thatch layer further and ensuring that the lawn root and core has abundant access to nutrients as well as is able to propagate and grow through the thatch level.

In addition to loosening the thatch and removing the debris and dead vegetation, power raking will also mitigate disease and pest infestation by removing dead and unhealthy medium where pests and disease typically thrive on.

With the above being said, the power rake can only be done early in the season or late in the season (spring or fall cleanup). Performing power rake mid season when grass and vegetation is in full growth will damage your lawn and is not recommended.

LandSharx Lawn crews have all the equipment as well as combined experience to provide effective power rake service for your lawn. We can advise you as to the best time to power rake your lawn as well as provide other services needed to bring your lawn to its best (please check our service packages for best value).

Lawn Power Rake
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