Lawn Irrigation

The most important part of your lawn care regime is the irrigation. While fertilizer, weed control, mowing, aeration and power raking are just as important as irrigation, without moisture of irrigation to help and supplement the naturally occurring and available moisture, your lawn would not look very good in more hotter and drier summer months.

To irrigate your lawn, you do not need to have sprinkler system installed, a simple water hose will do but without the power of automation you are pretty much tied to your lawn all summer long.

With automated irrigation system installed, the irrigation schedule can be pre-programmed and delivered regardless where the property owner and occupant is. And because the property occupant no longer needs to be physically present to turn the hose sprinkler on or off as needed, more efficient and beneficial watering schedule can be implemented with ease.

LandSharx Yard Maintenance & Snow Management has full expertise and experience in design, installation and maintenance of automated irrigation systems of any size and complexity. We can design and install the irrigation system according to your needs and budget and we can help you service and maintain your sprinkler system year round for optimal performance and longevity.

For more information on our irrigation systems or to request a complimentary assessment and quote for installation, service or maintenance of your irrigation system, please call or email us today.

Lawn Irrigation
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