Lawn Core Aeration

If you relay want a green lawn through the summer you will start your lawn care in spring with lawn core aeration. Your lawn was under heavy load of snow all winter long and is quite compacted with dead grass, debris etc. As such, the nutrient and air access to the lawn root core has been restricted, in other words your lawn has been chocked.

By aerating your lawn, you are opening may micro channels for nutrients and air to reach deeper to the core of your lawn where roots are. As a result, your lawn is aerated more, has more access to nutrients and as such will grow with more vigour (deeper stronger root system development).

At the end of the season (fall) and before your lawn goes into hibernation, you want to make sure that it has access to as much of the nutrient as it can to ready it for long winter when little nurture is available to it. Contrary to the common miss-belief, your lawn is still alive during winter months and although it does not need as much as it needs during spring and summer months, it still needs to breathe and feed. Aerating your lawn in fall and before first snow fall will promote air and nutrient circulation ensuring that it will weather the winter hibernation better.

LandSharx Lawn Care crews understand from experience what your lawn needs. We have all necessary equipment to aerate your lawn in spring preparing it for the summer growth as well in fall preparing your lawn for winter hibernation.In addition to aerating, we can also power rake your lawn if needed (removing dead grass and debris that has accumulated over long winter months), cut and fertilize it and provide any other care and maintenance on time and schedule. For more information and to schedule the service please call or email us or order on line directly. And for your convenience, if you have any questions or concerns you can use our chat feature on the site to reach knowledgeable expert that can offer the help and advice right away.

Lawn Core Aeration
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