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Well maintained lawn not only adds the curb appeal to your property but also keeps pests and disease from finding the new home in your back yard. However, although sounding simple, there is a certain degree of science in how, when and how often you should mow your lawn.

Following are some simple rules to mow and maintain your lawn.

Equipmnet. Do not use the lawnmower your grandfather used fifty years ago. And if you have to use an older lawnmower, make sure you have sharpened or replaced cutting blades. Dull blades do not cut your lawn but rather pull, gnaw and chew on it. In the process, the blades are being put to stress causing the root damage from the tension. As a result, your lawn will be longer in the distress and needing more time to recover therefore not looking so great.

Mulch Your Lawn Clippings. Returning your grass clipping back into the lawn by way of mulching is a simple way to reintroduce all nitrogen and other nutrients back to the ground and lawn roots where it will do the best. Unless absolutely needed and never for cosmetic purposes only, do not bag and remove your grass clippings. Your lawn will thank you for it.

Do Not Give Your Lawn An Army Buzz Cut. Mowing to close to the ground will damage your lawn by subjecting it to too much of a shock as well as scalping and damaging the root and thatch. It is never recommended mowing in excess of one third of the grass blade length at one given time for any reason whatsoever. Instead, it is recommended mowing your lawn more often (weekly at the peak summer months and at least bi-weekly for the rest of the growth season).

Mow Often. Mowing often will reduce stress to your lawn as well as provide air and ventilation to the core of your lawn. As such, the lawn will grow thicker (the new growth will not be chocked by the existing growth) and greener (more nutrients will reach the core and root where they will be of most benefit). In addition, the well maintained lawn is less prone to develop disease (mildew, fairy rings, etc) and weed (as lawn grows thicker and stronger there is less room for weed to propagate and grow).

Fertilize Frequently. Vigorous feeding regime at the beginning as well as through the spring and summer active growth season will help develop the strong vibrant lawn that will weather the dormancy fall and winter months better than weak and underfed lawn. Monthly fertilizer regime at peak growing months is recommended for best results.

Do Not Mow When Your Lawn Is Wet. Mowing wet lawn will cause your lawnmower to clump clippings which in turn will not only make your mower work harder but also affect how mulch is being distributed back to your lawn if you opt to mulch your clippings.

Water Often. In dry summer months your lawn may not be getting the moisture it needs to grow. In addition, to dissolve and absorb nutrients from the fertilizer treatment, your lawn will need the moisture and wetness. Watering your lawn often will provide it with the moisture it needs for healthy grow and propagation.

Water Early or Late In The Day. No one likes the cold shower and your lawn is no exception. When the heat reaches the peak in the mid of the day, the cold water may not have a full effect on your lawn than if you were watering it early or late in the day when the temperature difference of a lesser extreme. In addition, watering in the peak of the heat will cause the good part of the moisture to evaporate before it is being absorbed by your lawn’s roots therefore lessening the full benefit of watering.

While the few points above are not the full and exhaustive recommendation for taking care of your lawn, following the simple advice they give will ensure thicker greener lawn year round.

LandSharx Lawn Care crews are well trained on techniques and knowledge to keep your lawn at its best. In addition, we always use the new and maintained equipment and will take the utmost care not to damage your lawn from dull blades or improper mowing (scalping the lawn). We can also develop and maintain the proper fertilizer and weed control schedule as well as advise you on any potential issues such as pests, disease or moisture issues (to much or to little) to make sure your lawn is always at its best. Please call us today to arrange for your lawn care services. You can also order services online or if you have any questions, why not use our chat tool and talk to one of our lawn care experts right away.

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