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Fertilizer is the food for your lawn and the life source that keeps your lawn looking green and well. The proper application of fertilizer will fortify your lawn by encouraging growth as well as adding the color and vibrancy to your lawn. The lack of fertilizer will cause your lawn to brown and thin, slow down in growth and be more prone to weed, pest and disease infestation.

When applying the fertilizer to your lawn, some common knowledge and experience will do a lot to produce stunning results and lush green coverage versus failure, burn spots and damage to your lawn.

Pick Quality Fertilizer. Not all fertilizers are made the same. The quality fertilizer will be well balanced offering the spectrum of nutrients in right proportion as well as a slow release to ensure that nutrients are reaching your lawn right after the application as well as weeks after it. Certain additives such as iron, etc. will further improve the greenery of your lawn and further promote the health of it.

Right Timing and Frequency. You should apply the first application of fertilizer early in the spring to jump start the growth and therefore on a scheduled frequency (recommended monthly re-application) to encourage continuous growth.The final application of fertilizer is recommended in fall to ensure your lawn has enough nourishment and is in a good health to survive long winter hibernation and snow coverage.

Proper Application. There are several factors to consider when applying fertilizer. Properly applying the fertilizer with uniform coverage will ensure that all areas of your lawn receive right amount of nutrients. Under-application of fertilizer will starve your lawn hindering the growth while over-application of fertilizer could cause chemical burns and damage to the lawn including the root damage.

Spreading the fertilizer by hand is no way to do it as you could never achieve uniformity of the application. And even with the fertilizer spreader, the question always lingers how much is enough and whether you have over or under fertilized your lawn.

Weed Control. Weed control should be the part of your fertilizer treatment. While the first application of weed control is most important as it wrestles and kills the grown adult weed plants, the continuous re-application of the weed control medium will ensure that no new growth or re-growth occurs. As you keep your lawn weed free and well nourished, it will grow thicker and therefore offer less opportunity for weed to re-grow. The added weed-control application will fortify your lawn’s ability to combat weed even further ensuring weed free lawn all season long.

The healthy weed-free lawn is less prone to damage by disease and pests as well and will recover quicker if and when limited damage or infestation occurs.

LandSharx Lawn crews are well trained to know the kind of fertilizer your lawn needs as well as to ensure no over or under-fertilization occurs and to avoid any accidental damage due to improper application. We come prepared for the job with the proper equipment (spreaders etc.) as well as proper materials (a carefully selected commercial grade, slow release fertilizer) as well as experience of fertilizing thousands of yards each year. last but not the least, as a part of the fertilizer treatment, we will examine your lawn for weed problems and spray weed control agent if and where needed to ensure not only your lawn is lush, green and well fed but also weed free. When it comes to green healthy lawns, trust LandSharx crew to deliver the best.

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