Commercial Power Washing & Window Cleaning

Dust and grime accumulate on your windows. Repeated rain fall and exposure to the elements add the grimy film to the outside of your windows. Birds and insects too contribute to the soiling of your window surfaces.

The repeated foot and vehicular traffic as well as other soiling  (spills, grease, bird and other animal droppings, dust, mud, etc.) all leave your parking lot and common areas looking less than perfect and can present safety issues (slips, tripping hazard, etc.)

LandSharx Yard Maintenance & Snow Management offers full commercial window cleaning and parking lot washing service. We can window clean any area from main floor office windows to multi story commercial properties. Have your windows cleaned professionally and let your commercial office space shine in its full glory. We invite you to contact us further with any questions or to request the complimentary quote to have your commercial property professionally window washed.

In addition to window cleaning, we also offer both hot water and cold water pressure washing services to ensure your property is always maintained, safe and great looking. We invite you to further contact us if you have any questions or if you require window cleaning or pressure washing service for your commercial property.

Commercial Window Cleaning
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