Commercial Snow Removal

Northern Alberta climate is unique in the way that we get long winter months characterized by frequent and abundant snow storms that can accumulate the large coverage of snow to commercial properties. In addition to being nuisance and preventing access to the property, the snow coverage can also present a liability to the property owner or occupant.

From stranded vehicles to slips, falls and other potential liabilities, the unkempt commercial property could be costly if liability is to occur.

LandSharx Snow Management crews can provide around the clock contract snow removal, ice management, gravel and sanding services on either predetermined contract on on-call basis. From sidewalk snow shoveling to plowing, sanding of parking lots and common areas as well as full off-site snow removal and hauling we can undertake any size and complexity of project. From the snowfall onset to clear, sanded sidewalks and plowed parking and common areas, we can provide the worry-free complete snow and ice management cycle for your property when and where needed.

To provide piece of the mind service, we can design the snow and ice management strategy to automatically execute shoveling, sanding, plowing and off-site snow removal for your property therefore removing the need to manage those tasks yourself. For more information or to arrange for your property’s snow and ice management and removal services please contact us today.

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