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Prevent the property damage caused by the water overflow from clogged and damaged eavestroughs.

Rain runoff, leaves, dust, bird droppings and other debris all end up flowing to your eavestroughs and downspouts. And when they do, not all debris and accumulation washes out down the spout but instead some of it accumulates in your eavestroughs. As the time goes by, the accumulation of dirt and other debris forms the blockage that further restricts the flow and runoff and if the maintenance is further delayed or neglected, the total blockage and clogging of eavestroughs is imminent.

When the rain runoff is restricted or blocked, the water will overflow eavestroughs and free fall to the ground. If left unattended, the free fall of water will cause damage to the pavement, wash out rock, mulch and other landscaping medium and cause further damage to the property. In winter time, the overflowing water will freeze creating dangerous patches of ice that could be a liability to the property owner both residential and commercial.

Insects and pest such as mosquitoes, small birds such as sparrows, small rodents such as field mice etc. will further try to invade the clogged eavestrough area as clogged cervices and presence of medium they like (water and moisture for mosquitoes and twigs, leaves etc for birds and rodents) will cause further damage to your property as they move in and find a home inside clogged eavestroughs and downspouts. And in worst case scenarios, blown seeds will propagate inside your eavestroughs causing grass, moss and tree saplings to start physically growing inside your eavesthroughs).

LandSharx Property Maintenance crews can effectively clean up eavestroughs and downspouts on commercial and residential properties of any size as well as inspect and recommend any repairs or improvements needed. We offer a clog-free guarantee with all our services (please inquire for more details) and guarantee that your property will be serviced professionally, we remove all collected debris and leave your property spotless.

For more details or to arrange for your eavestroughs to be inspected and cleaned, please contact us today.

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