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INDUSTRY-LEADING Expertise & Consistent Customer Satisfaction

With close to twenty years of experience and excellence in providing landscaping and snow management services, LandSharx is and industry leader in their field. The excellent customer service and going an extra mile to make you feel heard and appreciated is our mantra.

We treat each of our clients with respect and take importance to ensure every job is done right and to our client satisfaction. We take no priority of big jobs at the expense of small clients as we clearly remember that it was small clients and small jobs how we started and we are proud of our roots.

LandSharx Team is Going Green

LandSharx Lawn Maintenance & Snow Management is committed to protecting and caring of our environment. That is why we have pledged to do our part in going green and reducing the carbon footprint we create while conducting our business. You may have noticed that our crews have started using electric mowers and trimmers in place of gas powered equipment. Electricity is abundant source of power and creates no emissions so we have pledged to replace majority of our gas powered equipment (mowers, trimmers, etc.) with battery powered electric equipment when and where available. By taking this symbolic step we would like to acknowledge out commitment to green environment and renewable energy and we encourage everyone to do the same. There is no such thing as small impact, if we all contribute just by a small act or token of care the cumulative effect on our environment would be great.

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